What to give to a chemist: a cool gift formula

2019 – a landmark for all people involved in chemistry. First, it is the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. Secondly, 2019 is officially recognized as the Mendeleev Year (in honor of 150 years since the discovery of the Periodic Law). All this is an excellent reason to congratulate all chemists (by the way, their professional day is May 26).

Eternal pen

This pen is always ready to use: it does not end and the ink does not dry out. The secret is straightforward: a metal tip is made from an Ethergraph alloy. This alloy is oxidized by contact with the paper, leaving a trace on it. No, not magic, but chemistry!

Table lamp in the form of a flask

Think about the little things that we do not notice, but which can be made beautiful and unusual. This lamp catches the eye, enhances performance by 20%, and perseverance increases by 40%. Turn it on sooner!

Miniature electronic scales

The scales themselves weigh no more than 100 grams and fit easily into a pocket. Considered laboratory, which means that very accurate! The chemist will definitely be surprised by your care.

Molecule Model

The kit allows you to create many models of molecules, depending on the concept under study. Each atom can be opened and closed by placing a load inside. Large space for experiments beginners or the ability to make a beautiful molecule for professionals.

Wall Clock “Breaking Bad”

A great gift for fans of the Breaking Bad! Watched? Did your chemist watch? The watch is made in the form of a chemical flask with the contents … what color? Of course, Heisenberg fans will immediately give the correct answer! In general, the watches are made with attention to such chips from the series.

Air Purifier

The operation of the device is based on the principle of “ion wind”, which occurs as a result of a corona discharge and ensures the flow of air through the cassette. Cleaner will gladly destroy unpleasant odors, microbes, fungal spores, mold. It will breathe easier!

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