Trip to the forest. How to prepare and what to take?

Perhaps everyone wants to get somewhere on nature, away from civilization, cars and city noise, to relax from the everyday hustle and bustle. In such a situation, the most interesting thing that can be is a trip to the forest overnight. Beautiful and untouched nature, picking berries and mushrooms, evening gatherings around the fire for a hot cup of tea – what could be better? In this article you will find useful tips and advice that will help you prepare for the trip and collect all the necessary things for such a trip.

First of all, you need to consider how many days you go and what time of year. Since this article is written for those who are just taking their first steps in tourism, here will be described recommendations for a summer hike in a temperate climate for a few nights.

Before you go camping, remember – the less weight of a backpack, the better. If you are not used to large loads, then give up a couple of unnecessary things. This rule will help save your strength and feel more comfortable during the hike.

If you can survive somewhere without a sleeping bag, then without a tent, at least, it will be uncomfortable, so determine how many people are walking with you, and pick up a tent based on this amount. Most importantly, it protects from strong winds and does not get wet when it rains.

From outerwear you should have light quick-drying sports pants and the same windbreaker with a hood, and best of all, if all this is waterproof. In order not to freeze it is necessary to acquire a fleece jacket. Of course, you can do with a grandmother’s sweater, but it is quite heavy. Fleece things are best suited for hiking, because they are very light, but they are well heated.

Even though you are going to places where there are many trees, still bring some kind of headgear with you. A hat can be useful at night, when it will be cold, and in the afternoon in a clearing without a cap and a hat will not do.

And of course, hiking in the woods with an overnight stay, you should take a couple more T-shirts and a night set of clothes so as not to freeze. In some forests, even in summer, temperatures in after the sun may be very low, consider this when you are going to. If you are afraid to get wet, then grab a raincoat, in bad weather it can be quite a useful thing that will protect you from heavy rainfall.

Bring along your favorite canned food, cereals, dried vegetables, jerky and sweets. Food should be high-calorie, have a long shelf life and at the same time weigh a little. Canned food, though the very first thing that comes to mind when you think about going, but they are pretty heavy, so do not overdo it with their number. You can take a set of dry vegetables, jerky and cook a delicious soup on the fire. You can also buy ready-made mix, which you just need to fill with water. Do not forget about salt and spices, a set of herbs and pepper perfectly complement dinner on a hike in the forest with an overnight stay.

Also a nice addition will be your favorite candy or chocolate. Nuts and condensed milk are also very high-calorie and tasty foods that are easy to store. Well, and then, without which it is impossible to do without a hike, is tea.

A hike in the forest with an overnight stay is a pleasant thing, where you can see stunning panoramas and beautiful natural places, as well as relax your soul and gain new strength. If you have never been on such trips, it is best to go for the first time with an experienced traveler, who has already bypassed more than one forest. So you can fully learn everything you need and have to gather groups for hiking.

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