Interesting gifts for cheese lovers

This product accompanies mankind from ancient times, changing and developing with it, but always remaining faithful and beloved companion. That is why it is difficult to find someone who does not like cheese, because in its huge variety of varieties and types everyone can find at least one favorite.

Cheese as an appetizer, cheese as a dessert, cheese as the main course, cheese as the main highlight of the dish. Cheese as a separate world) Welcome to this world where we will help you find what you need.

Russian cheeses

When talking about cheese, we all think about Italy, France, Spain, but very few people think about Russian cheese. And in vain! This basket contains five types of selected cheeses made in Russia, which will turn the idea of domestic cheese as a boring and tasteless product.

Universal Cheese Set

This set is universal, because it contains one cheese from each category: soft, with blue mold, hard and seasoned.

Due to the maximum variety of textures and flavors, it will appeal to any gourmet: both experienced and beginner.

Cheese Candy Set

What do you say about chocolate and cheese? Combined with berry sourness and coffee tartness, nut sweetness and bitterness, woody and floral notes, they turn into a delicious set of chocolates that will turn your understanding of these products.

Cheese bouquet

One of the most creative gifts that will definitely taste in the literal sense of the word. This bouquet will surprise with originality and taste. Several types of cheese, nuts and dates – a delicious evening is guaranteed.


Wine itself is a gastronomic work of art, but with properly selected cheese it can shine with new facets of taste. That is why wine and cheese make up an unsurpassed duet over the centuries.

Cheese Tasting

This is a pleasure for real gourmets! At the master class you can learn more about cheese, production technologies, ways of combining different cheeses with other products and, of course, enjoy the taste. The event is held in the format of a lecture-tasting and will appeal to all lovers of delicious to eat.

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